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About Bama Ride

Bama Ride offers professional golf cart transportation services throughout the University of Alabama Campus area. Our team is up for any job, big or small. Tuscaloosa locals know that we stand behind our work, putting your satisfaction as our #1 priority. What really makes us stand out is our dedication, great prices, and attention to detail. Contact us to learn more from one of our staff on how our team can help you!

Landon Vaughn
Owner and Operator
Landon Golf Cart.JPG
Pictured: Landon Vaughn

Owned and operated by Landon Vaughn, Bama Ride was not something that came about overnight. After months of hard work and planning, Bama Ride is officially out on the roads, offering fast and friendly transportation to all clients around the University of Alabama campus.

"As a new business owner, I have seen just how much hard work and dedication goes into starting up and running a business. I have already faced challenges along the way that have tested me. I have seen the highs and lows of running a business but most importantly, I have seen what an impact a single golf cart can do.


I own a business where our primary demographic is college students. The most comforting thing for me is knowing that myself and my drivers can be there for them. They can be there for the people that can't make it back to their place. They can be there to ensure no person attempts to drive back home under the influence. They can be there to make sure a boy or a girl gets home safe when their friends leave them. They can be there to make sure everyone has a ride back home."

Our Core Values

Bama Ride Presentation.jpg

Our Golf Carts

⭑ Licensed and Insured

⭑ 100% Street Legal

⭑ Gas-Powered

⭑ Fast and Efficient

⭑ Reliable

⭑ Licensed Drivers


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